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A New Weapon in Your Fight for Freedom

Make sure to watch the interview with Naomi Wolf and read the whole article at the link below:

Have you heard of the 10 steps toward tyranny? Find out why a former adviser to the Clinton administration is warning America about it and what you can do.

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There are 10 steps that every tyrannical government has followed. We are now at step 10. Once the 10th step locks into place, there will be no going back

The 10 steps toward tyranny start with the invocation of a terrifying internal and/or external threat. From 2001 onward, that threat was terrorism, which was used as the justification for stripping us of our liberties

With the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, we entered step 10, where emergency powers and laws are used to strip remaining freedoms from the people, censorship is enacted and certain kinds of speech is criminalized

We must get involved and fight to enact state legislation that protects against continued erosion of freedom and reestablishes rights and liberties

The Daily Clout platform was created for this purpose. It allows citizens to lobby already drafted, turnkey bills to their legislators

Source: A New Weapon in Your Fight for Freedom

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