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We’re ALL Targets of the Biden Administration’s New PRE-CRIME Surveillance Program

Recently, the Biden Administration announced the establishment of what is essentially a pre-crime surveillance program. This program comes as no surprise to those of us with any concern for our civil rights as we saw this coming a thousand miles away.

Of course, the program will combat “violent domestic extremism” and “violent white supremacy.” (Because all those years of blaming Muslims was just to get silly white people to give up their rights so the surveillance and police state could be turned back on them.)

Who is running this pre-crime surveillance program?

The new office of pre-crime is called the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships. (CP3) is run by the Department of Homeland Security. However, John W. Whitehead has pointed out the DHS is “notorious for:

• militarizing the police and SWAT teams
• spying on activists
• dissidents and veterans
• stockpiling ammunition
• distributing license plate readers
• contracting to build detention camps
• tracking cell phones with Stingray devices
• carrying out military drills and lockdowns in American cities
• using the TSA as an advance guard
• conducting virtual strip searches with full-body scanners
• carrying out soft target checkpoints
• directing government workers to spy on Americans
• conducting widespread spying networks using fusion centers
• carrying out Constitution-free border control searches
• funding city-wide surveillance cameras
• utilizing drones and other spybots

Sounds very “Minority Report,” right?

Civil rights. What civil rights?

CP3 has promised to combat certain types of violence in a way “consistent with privacy protections, civil rights, civil liberties, and other applicable laws.”

No one actually takes that claim seriously since there are very few privacy protections, civil liberties, or applicable laws anymore. […]


Source: We’re All Targets of the Biden Administration’s New PRE-CRIME Surveillance Program – The Organic Prepper

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