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“CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up”

Read the whole article and watch videos at the link below: For many months, experts have warned that COVID-19 is not so much a viral pandemic as it is a “casedemic” — a pandemic of false positive tests — and the thing that kept the fraud going was the fact that laboratories were using excessively […]

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“Hunter Biden’s Dad Says Get A Proper Job!” – The Jimmy Dore Show

Biden enforces slave wages Source: “Hunter Biden’s Dad Says Get A Proper Job!” – The Jimmy Dore Show

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2020 Data DESTROYED Identity Politics. Women, POC Were Majority Of Trump Voters

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Krystal and Saagar: Fauci CAUGHT HIDING Key Facts From Senate On Lab Leak Hypothesis

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Senate testimony on the Covid-19 response.

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New Oregon Law Seeks to Ban Meat

Oregon Bill IP13 would criminalize raising food animals in the state, and reclassify animal husbandry practices as “sexual assault.” The bill specifies that animals can only be eaten after dying of natural causes (at which point, aged/diseased meat is not good). Oregon’s 12,000 beef producers raising about 1.3 million head of cattle are slated for […]


Chris Hedges warns Americans ‘don’t be fooled’ by Biden

“On Contact” host and Pulitzer-winning author Chris Hedges joins Rick Sanchez to argue that progressive supporters of President Biden are being “fooled” by a decidedly establishment figure… Source: