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“The [pseudo] left uses partisan politics posing as science”

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Stunner: Biden Retracts EVERY Campaign Promise

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Judge Says Biden Admin. Can Force Christian Colleges to Change LGBT Policies

On Wednesday, a federal judge denied a Christian college’s request to block enforcement of a new Biden administration rule that the school says will force it to open dorms and showers to students who identify as the opposite sex. The HUD directive, according to the college’s lawsuit, requires the school to let biological males who […]

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“US Presidents Are Always Evil Because The US Empire Is Evil: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

By far the single most important job of a US president is to take responsibility for decisions on empire management that would have been made regardless of who is in office, whether Democrat or Republican or tuna fish sandwich. Their job is to provide the illusion of democracy, letting you feel as though you “voted […]

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The Chris Hedges Interview | Politics is a Game of Fear

The Democratic Party has been quite effective in frightening progressives into backing a party that is a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate America. -Chris Hedges Mar 18, 2021 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and television host Chris Hedges to get his take on the state of the left: What are the structural factors and ethical rationalizations […]

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Hillary Clinton’s War Monger Appointed By Biden