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“Fauci Lies Again, Pretends He Doesn’t Know What Went On In Wuhan Lab” – Ben Swann

Media is now claiming “NEW” information that indicates that Covid came from the Wuhan Lab. But for those of us who have been following this story, this is not new information… this evidence has been known for over a year. So why is Dr. Fauci, now suddenly pretending that he believe[s] Covid could have come […]


Chris Hedges warns Americans ‘don’t be fooled’ by Biden

“On Contact” host and Pulitzer-winning author Chris Hedges joins Rick Sanchez to argue that progressive supporters of President Biden are being “fooled” by a decidedly establishment figure… Source:

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“Debate: Son of Israeli founder blasts what Israel has become” (Full show)

Cross-border violence between Gaza and Israel has become its most fatal since 2019, and includes rocket attacks launched upon Israeli civilians. The fighting concerns Israeli encroachment on Palestinian areas and the bitterly-resented “eviction” of the latter to make way for settlement and development by Israelis. Author and Palestinian rights activist Miko Peled and former US […]

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Jimmy Dore: All 6 US Media Companies Owned By Wall St, Assange is World’s NUMBER 1 Journalist!

Jimmy Dore, Host of The Jimmy Dore Show, in under 2 minutes blasts the US media for not focussing on Julian Assange, slams Biden for persecuting Julian Assange for exposing war crimes of the Obama-Biden administration and blasts the hypocrisy of the US calling for a free press while persecuting Julian Assange. Source:

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18 million FCC net neutrality comments faked – NY AG

Broadband providers have been pushing to change how ISPs can provide service, creating super highways for big tech like Netflix and Facebook and marginalizing smaller online services to country dirt roads. Now the New York state attorney general’s office has issued a report citing that it found 18 million comments submitted to the FCC to […]

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Swiss billionaire reportedly helped Dems win 2020

There are new reports that a Swiss billionaire quietly donated almost a quarter billion dollars to groups aligned with the Democratic party and its leaders, raising questions about the influence of so-called dark money in US politics. So who is this billionaire? And how is he aligned with the Dems? RT America’s John Huddy brings […]